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About us

Here at Carey’s Family Barbers and Hairdressers Basingstoke we offer a warm and friendly welcome and a great atmosphere. Our highly skilled team of professionals will give you a completely new classic style or maintain your existing hair.

Our team are up to date with modern trends and will take note of their customer’s ideas to help create an individual look based on the best modern cuts.

Just walk in, take a ticket and take a seat.

Our prices start at just £7 for a gents trim with clippers. A ladies wash, cut and blow dry starts at £20.

14 Church Street



RG21 7QH

We are located just 2 mins walk away from McDonalds Top of Town. Next door to Area 51 Tattoo and Piercing


The Barber/Hairdressers at Carey's are fully trained in modern styles for all ages of gents hair. From a one grade clipper cut, skin fade styles to full resyles for longer hair. We are up to date with moden hair style trends. Prices start from just £7-9 for a clipper cut to £10-14 for skin fades and restyles.


The Hairdressers at Carey's will wash, cut and style all types of ladie's hair. We are quick and easy to use, no need to book. Just walk in, choose a stylist and take a seat. Prices start at £14 for a

dry cut with short hair to £25 for wash cut and blowdry for long hair.


Children are more than welcome at Carey's. We have high seats available, toys and books while they wait and lolly pops for those who have been good. Prices are £7 for under 5s and £8-£10 for 5-10 year olds

Gents Prices

Buzz cut one grade  £7

Buzz cut two grades £9

Dry cut £10

Dry cut / beard trim £12

Re style / skinfade £14

Shampoo add extra   £2

Childrens Prices

Children 5 yrs - 10 yrs

Girls trim    £10

Boys cut /skin fade  £8

Childern under 5 yrs

3-6 week trims £7

Ladies Prices

Dry cut short hair £14

Dry cut  long/med hair  £16

Wash cut and b/dry short hair £20

Wash cut and b/dry long hair £25

Wash and b/dry short hair     £10

Wash and blow dry long hair £12

Hair straightening    £5

Who's in Today?

Fri 19th April

We are not sure when we are closing today. It depends how busy it gets


Ross 9.30 - ?

Annette 9.30 - ?

Jade 9.30 - ?



Carina 9.30 - ?


Grooming Prices

Luxury Wet Shave (1 hr 30mins)

Includes : Fae clense, shave, hot towel, charcole face mask and moisturise face massage


Delux Haircut and Face Clense (1 hr 20mins)

Includes : Skin Face, Beard maintenence, Face mask, Eyebrow shape up or trim


Mens Grooming

By Daz

Grooming Prices

Wet shave (30mins)


Hot towel shave (45mins)


Face wet shave (30mins)


Beartrim and shape up (20mins)


Telephone : 01256 323232

Tel:01256 323232



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